HealthyLife: A lifetime of performance

Extending your dairy cows’ life is the key to success. With a little extra love and attention, you can achieve a great effect. That is why Trouw Nutrition introduces the HealthyLife programme, which challenges you to improve the performance of your dairy farm in a sustainable AND profitable manner.

HealthyLife is an integrated approach to running your business, starting from specific situation. The goal is to increase the number of lactations per dairy cow and thus to reduce your ecological footprint. Increasing life-day production (LDP) is a key element in this.

The HealthyLife themes

Lifetime daily yield
Gut health

HealthyLife pays off. Do the math!

The four key figures from the HealthyLife programme provide a quick analysis of where improvements can be made to improve the life-day production and yield on your dairy farm. This will help you get the most out of your herd and ensure a successful transition from dry period to lactation.

Positive trend in life-day production

Life-day production is a practical and useful index that looks beyond the cow's productive phase. After all, the success of your calf rearing also has a direct impact on the life-day production. The life-day production is influenced by:

  • Lowering the calving age
  • Increasing milk production
  • Extending the life span

The number of lactation rounds of a cow still has the greatest impact on its life-day production.

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