Healthy gut, higher productivity

The future of dairy farming in is all about having a sustainable herd that provides returns for a longer period. Optimum health is crucial here. Especially now that new scientific results show that impaired gut health is a good predictor of the incidence and impact of metabolic diseases.

Leaky gut is a major cause of loss

Large intestine acidification negatively affects the intestinal wall barrier, resulting in a leaky gut. This results in inflammatory processes that require relatively large amounts of energy in the form of glucose. The result is lower milk production and the development of (transition) diseases or reduced fertility. Moreover, a clear link has been found in ruminants between a leaky gut and foot health problems. A leaky gut is therefore a major cause of forced culling of cows. Improving gut health can therefore help increase life-day production and farm profitability.

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Exactly what we need

Stress factors such as irregular feed intake, heat stress and calving have a major impact on intestinal health. A healthy gut is more efficient at absorbing nutrients from the ration, resulting in higher productivity. That's just what we need in these times!

New: Selko LactiBute

To improve gut health, Trouw Nutrition introduces LactiBute. This is a patented prebiotic that improves fermentation in the large intestine and reduces the risk of leaky gut. Selko LactiBute is rumen-resistant calcium gluconate, which promotes the conversion of lactic acid to butyrate (butyric acid) by intestinal bacteria. Butyrate strengthens the intestinal barrier, reduces intestinal inflammation and inhibits pathogenic bacteria.

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Just add Selko LactiBute to your ration

Adding Selko LactiBute to your cows' rations increases measured milk production by an average of 0.9 kg per day, improving your feed balance. Selko LactiBute has been extensively tested, both in research settings and in practice on farms. And there are more benefits:

Other benefits of Selko LactiBute:

  • Supports intestinal health
  • Better utilization of energy and protein
  • Higher fat and protein production
  • Resilient cows
  • Healthier livestock

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Optimum support of intestinal health and milk production

You can use Selko LactiBute both in the dry period and during lactation to achieve optimal support of intestinal health and milk production. Selko LactiBute not only improves milk production and increases the feed balance, it also contributes to the health of your cows. This includes a smoother start-up of lactation, better fertility and good foot health.


Are you curious to find out what Selko LactiBute can do for your milk production?