Milkiwean  - Total piglet performance solution

Milkiwean focuses on high yield to improve the performance of young piglets. Thanks to our network of specialists all over the globe, who conduct research on nutrition and piglet health, we can remain at the forefront and innovative. We also have a unique production process that ensures quality and higher feed intake to enable excellent growth results. Our total piglet feed program provides targeted solutions for every pig farmer.

Our approach

Are you faced with diarrhea, are piglets not growing fast enough, or is rearing piglets not profitable? Milkiwean's solutions are tailored to the various challenges of sow farms, accelerating the development of the piglets' digestive system and ensuring continuous feed intake, better digestion and immune capacity, to achieve the best possible results. Milkiwean enables you to you achieve the best possible return on investment for your business.

Our offering

Milkiwean gives piglets the best possible start using three different feeding programs, which can be tailored to your farm and management:

Milkiwean Efficient Start

Aimed at pig farmers looking for optimal health in their farms and who prioritize efficiency for their animals, farm and industry. Milkiwean Efficient Start supports your piglets' health by boosting productivity and minimising waste, allowing you to benefit from a higher return on investment and grow your business.

Milkiwean Efficient Start offers:  

  • Improved feed efficiency by 6%  
  • Reduced cost/kg of gain by 10%  
  • Technology that can react to a volatile ingredients market  
  • An easy-to-use product portfolio  

Milkiwean Best Start

Designed for pig producers who aim for top performance and higher farm throughput.  

Milkiwean Best Start offers: 

  • Higher growth and feed intake 
  • Higher exit weights and improved uniformity 
  • High level of digestible nutrients 
  • Increased nutrient density  

Milkiwean Vital Start

Milkiwean Vital Start feeding programme is designed for pig producers who face health challenges on the farm and would like to optimally support their piglets' development during the complex weaning process. A healthier start in piglets’ lives allows for more vital animals and higher welfare, as well as for a more sustainable production, with reduced reliance on antimicrobials and at the same time equal or improved animal health and farm profitability. 

This is what Milkiwean Vital Start has to offer:

  • A healthier start in life
  • More vital animals and greater well-being
  • Minimum dependence on antibiotics
  • Improved animal health and profitability
  • More sustainable production
  • A flawless farrowing process
  • Smooth transition to weaning
  • Focus on digestion and gatekeepers instead of low pH