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We want to provide good feed to as many animals as possible. We provide the best nutritional solutions. For all farm animals and for the whole chain leading up to feeding. We offer integrated solutions, but we also supply additives, premixes or advice, for example. This is because we believe that all the animals we live with deserve the best nutrition.

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Our products are ecologically and economically unique. Our knowledge is cutting edge. Because we know that good feed is about much more than just good raw materials. So, we not only provide the best product, but also the right support and innovations. Every day, but without getting complacent. We set the standard in the global agricultural industry and have had a strong connection with the local farming community here for almost 100 years. We are loyal, or Trouw, as they say in Dutch. That way, we can do more together with fewer resources, less effort and less burden on the environment. We call this "sustainable nutrition". Sustainable for animals and for our company. For today and for tomorrow.

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Successful week for Selko at the EAAP Congress 2023 in Lyon

The EAAP 2023 Congress in Lyon has come to a close, marking a week filled with groundbreaking discussions, presentations, and networking opportunities. Organized by the European Federation of Animal Science (EAAP), this annual event brings together experts, researchers, and industry professionals to explore the latest developments in genetics, nutrition, physiology, animal health, and welfare. Selko was a proud sponsor of the congress. Therefore, we had the honor of inviting and hosting over 65 guests, all professionals in the nutrition and health sector of ruminants.
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A cow drink after calving: small effort, big effect!

(Subclinical) milk fever is still too common in Scandinavia: about 30% of cows experience the disease around calving. The consequences can be significant. Besides reduced feed intake and the risk of uterus infections, milk production stays behind, there is a risk of culling and fertility problems may also occur in the long term. A lot of misery that is easily prevented. With one kg of cow drink, your dairy cow will be back to her old self in no time!
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Prevent production losses during heat stress with these 4 nutritional tips

We have had several warm days, with temperatures exceeding 25 degrees Celsius. Although the cooler nights and relatively low humidity levels (60%) have probably not yet led to significant production losses, heat stress does have a direct impact on feed intake and milk production. In addition, cow health comes under pressure. It is therefore essential to ensure tasty feed and reduce heating of the diet in addition to cooling the animals and clean drinking water. In this article, you will find 4 valuable nutritional tips to be well prepared for heat stress.
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