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We want to provide good feed to as many animals as possible. We provide the best nutritional solutions. For all farm animals and for the whole chain leading up to feeding. We offer integrated solutions, but we also supply additives, premixes or advice, for example. This is because we believe that all the animals we live with deserve the best nutrition.

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Our products are ecologically and economically unique. Our knowledge is cutting edge. Because we know that good feed is about much more than just good raw materials. So, we not only provide the best product, but also the right support and innovations. Every day, but without getting complacent. We set the standard in the global agricultural industry and have had a strong connection with the local farming community here for almost 100 years. We are loyal, or Trouw, as they say in Dutch. That way, we can do more together with fewer resources, less effort and less burden on the environment. We call this "sustainable nutrition". Sustainable for animals and for our company. For today and for tomorrow.

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When times are tough, follow the right course: go for high return, not low cost!

The pig farming industry is going through a turbulent period. Raw material prices are on the rise, liquidity shortages are looming, and demand is lagging. Farmers trying to maximise their return are increasingly cutting down on procurement costs. Pre-starters are giving way to cheaper weaning feeds, and while the goal is to reduce antibiotics and zinc as much as possible, in practice that is easier said than done. Is cutting the cost of piglet feeds the right strategy? Or does changing your feeding strategy yield better results? Trouw Nutrition has looked into the matter and has come up with new calculations.
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Support your calves during the winter: 7 tips

How to achieve optimum growth and health in the youngest calves during cold spells? Read our tips.
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Nutreco finalizes acquisition of Danish Nutrimin

Trouw Nutrition
Amersfoort, December 7, 2021 – Nutreco today announces its official acquisition of Nutrimin, one of the leading Danish producers of farm minerals, concentrates and piglet feed, following the approval of the Danish authorities.
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