Farm-O-San: For better livestock performance

To increase productivity, you have to keep your animals healthy and increase animal welfare: two things that go hand in hand.

Farm-O-San helps livestock professionals achieve better production and operating results. To achieve this, we use a complete portfolio of products that have been scientifically proven to increase quality and technical productivity at livestock farms around the world. This includes a supplementary feed for calves immediately after birth. For poultry, there are mineral feeds that promote calcium absorption.

We convert research and development into practical feeding solutions

Based on science, we help our customers run a more cost-effective and sustainable livestock operation. We translate the latest scientific insights into practical feed solutions as quickly as possible. These solutions address the issues that livestock producers face on a daily basis.

We have five animal nutrition research centers around the world, focusing on ruminants, swine and poultry. We also have a special ingredient research center, focused on all animal species. Our internal research is supplemented by more than fifty long-term partnerships with leading universities, research institutes, and other organizations. Innovations are specifically tailored to the needs of each species at each stage of the animal's life.