Enhancing cow Health and fertility Enhancing cow Health and fertility

Enhancing cow health and fertility

The high-yielding dairy cow is intended to produce a substantial volume of milk every year and, at the same time, conceive and maintain a full-term pregnancy. Meeting this challenge requires a balanced approach between nutrition, performance and fertility.

How to recognise

Improper management and unbalanced diets at the beginning of lactation cause alterations in the cow’s metabolic state that directly affect follicular growth and embryonic development. This is translated into poor fertility, low production, a high impact of metabolic diseases and increased involuntary culling rates.

The impact on the farmer

Understanding and supporting the cow’s transition to a successful lactation means preventing negative energy balance but also ensuring healthy diets that improve conception rates and support productive performance.

Our offering for cow health and fertility



The HealthyLife programme focuses on a cow’s transition to lactation. It is a practical, science-based programme that helps farmers increase cows’ lifetime daily yield and number of lactations by improving fertility, increasing milk yield per lactation and reducing involuntary culling.



The NutriOpt dairy model helps the farmer to ensure a balanced diet for healthy cows by defining your feeding strategy based on the processes taking place along the whole gastrointestinal tract. It is a dynamic model and provides a unique combination of nutritional and ruminant-specific parameters to ensure optimal rumen function.

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HealthyLife dairy research shows the importance of managing the balance between production level and longevity well in order to strongly reduce involuntary culling and increase both longevity and profitability on your dairy farm.

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