Trouw Nutrition’s management team of experienced leaders is dedicated to driving Nutreco's animal nutrition division forward on our relentless mission of Feeding the Future. Headed by CEO Saskia Korink, the team is inspired by Nutreco's values and guided by clear company policy and practical rules. The leadership team is responsible for the strategic direction, policies, capital, risk management, human resources and financial performance of the division. They hold themselves and every employee at Trouw Nutrition accountable not only for our results but also for how we achieve them and treat others – with care, integrity and openness. We expect everyone in the company to share these principles and live them in our day-to-day work.

In addition to their collective responsibility, each member of Trouw Nutrition's leadership team is responsible for functional areas and/or regions of the world. They perform their duties and powers as defined in relevant laws, rules and regulations and in accordance with our code of conduct.

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Trouw Nutrition's leadership team

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